Model GH-8000 Radial (Tainter) Gates

This section covers Fabricated Radial Gates and Operators. The equipment provided under this section shall be fabricated, assembled, erected, and placed in proper operating condition in full conformity with the drawings, specifications, engineering data, instructions and recommendations of the equipment manufacturer.

The radial gate with appurtenant seals, side seal plates, sill, hoist and accessories shall be supplied as indicated on the drawings, specified, or otherwise required for a complete, properly operating installation, and shall be the latest standard product of a manufacturer regularly engaged in the production of fabricated gates.

Approved Manufacturers
Gates supplied under this section shall be Model GH-8000 Radial Gates as manufactured by Golden Harvest Inc. or engineer approved equal.

Quality Assurance
The manufacturer shall have experience in the production of substantially similar equipment, and shall show evidence of satisfactory installations. The manufacturerÕs shop welds, welding procedures and welders shall be qualified and certified in accordance with the requirement of the latest edition of AWS Sections D1.1, 1.2 and 1.6.

The fully assembled gates shall be shop inspected and adjusted before shipping.

1. The manufacturer shall submit for approval by the purchaser, drawings showing the principal dimensions, general construction and materials used in the gate and lift mechanism.

2. The manufacturer shall submit for approval by the purchaser, complete and stamped engineering design calculations.

Materials and Construction

Gate Disc
The gate disc shall consist of a curved steel face plate with the center of the curvature concentric with the centerline of the trunnion pins. The curved face plate shall be reinforced with horizontal and curved vertical structural members to transmit the hydraulic thrust to the trunnion arms. The gate disc shall be fabricated in one section with a minimum material thickness of 3/8-inch. The disc deflection shall not exceed 1/720 of the nominal gate width.

Radial Arms
The radial arm assemblies shall consist of structural members to transmit the hydraulic load from the gate disc to the trunnions. The unsupported length of the trunnion arms shall not exceed an L/R ratio of 150.

The trunnions shall be fabricated steel and welded to the trunnion arms. The trunnion arms shall be equipped with bronze sleeve bearings. Lubrication fittings shall be provided for lubricating the trunnion bearings. The trunnion assembly shall be designed to be supported by a beam extending across the opening or brackets anchored into the abutments. Provision shall be made for field adjustment of the trunnion pins after placement of the gate.

Resilient J-bulb seals shall be places along the bottom and both sides of the gate to prevent excessive leakage. Seals shall be attached to the disc with a stainless steel retainer bar and allow lateral seal adjustment or seal replacement.

Sill Plates
The bottom and side sill plates shall be stainless steel with minimal surface roughness. Sill plates shall be anchored and embedded in the side walls and at the gate invert. Leveling nuts shall be provided for fine tune alignment prior to placing grout.

Lifting Assemblies

Cable Hoist
The hoists shall consist of hoist base, hoist operator, cable drums, drum shafts, cables, and bearing bracket to operate the radial gates. The operators shall be adequate for opening of radial gates to the required height under the specified operating head. The hoist shall be furnished with a steel drum shaft and twin steel interconnecting drums. Drums shall be grooved, accurately machined to the same diameter and attached to the drum shaft. Galvanized or stainless steel cables and clamps shall be furnished for field connection of the drums and to the gate.

Electric Motor Actuator
The motor shall be specifically designed for radial gate service and shall be for high torque, totally enclosed, non-ventilated construction, with motor leads brought into the limit switch compartment. The electric motor drive shall be self contained, complete with a weatherproof motor having Class B insulation, limit and torque switches, integral reversing controls and controls as specified. The gear reducer shall be of the worm gear type directly coupled to the electric motor drive. Worm gears will be self-locking to hold the gate in position. The motor duty rating shall be sufficient for one complete open to close to open (or reverse) cycle.


Part Material
Gate disc skin plate Steel Plate ASTM A-36
Disc frame members Structural Steel ASTM A-36
Seals Neoprene J-bulb ASTM D-2000
Sill plates - Side and invert Stainless steel ASTM A-276, Type 304
Trunnion arm Steel ASTM A-500 GRADE B
Trunnion bearing Self Lubricating Bronze
Trunnion shaft Stainless Steel ASTM A-276, Type 304
Cable drums Cast Iron ASTM A126, class B or Mild Steel A36/A36M
Cables Stainless steel ASTM A-276, Type 304
Retainers, Fasteners and Anchors Stainless steel ASTM A-276, Type 304