Model GH-29 Tapered-Wedge Stainless Steel Gates

Similar design also available in Aluminum: Model GH-27

  • Superior Sealing Performance Under Moderate To High Unseating Head Conditions
  • Fully Adjustable Wedging Design
  • Heavy-duty Construction Available in Type 304 or 316 Grades Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel

The Golden Harvest, Inc. Model GH-29 Sluice Gate combines the time tested sealing methods of adjustable wedging action and resilient seals to provide a superior sealing performance surpassing the specified standards of AWWA. Flexible design is available in project specific sizes and operating head conditions. Mounting options include wall mount, thimble, or 125# flange. Available in self-contained and non self-contained frame configurations.

General Design: The tapered wedge sluice gate is designed with the head angles attached to the slide at an incline; the angle of inclination corresponds to the sealing periphery of the gate frame. At the final rotations of the operater stem acting down on the gate disc it wedges itself against the corresponding angle of the sealing perimeter creating a nearly leak tight orifice. Fully adjustable wedges are also located at the top of slide to provide additional reinforcement against unseating head pressures. Once the gate is unseated from the wedged position (approximately 2-inch upward travel) operation is nearly free of friction.